The performing arts in India - music, dance,drama, and pooetry - are based on the concept of Nava Rasa , or the "nine sentiments." Literally, rasa means "juice" or "extract" but here in this context, we take it to mean "emotion" or "sentiment."

The acknowledged order of these sentiments is as follows:

Shringara (romantic and erotic):

Hasya (humorous):

Karuna (pathetic):

Raudra (anger):

Veera (heroic):

Bhayanaka (fearful):

Vibhatsa (disgustful):

Adbhuta (amazement):

Shanta (peaceful).

Each raga is principally dominated by one of these nine rasas, although the performer can also bring out other emotions in a less prominent way. The more closely the notes of a raga conform to the expression of one single idea or emotion, the more overwhelming the effect of the raga.

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