About Me

My personal and musical pursuits stem from my life experiences, growing up an East Indian in American western culture from small farm town Seymour, Texas to cosmopolitan San Francisco. I strive to merge together two differing paradigms of culture on a daily basis, and also to present the two representing theories of aural organization. This approach culminates in an Indianized approach to music, with westernized settings, arrangements and instrumentations. Most of my best and deepest musical skills and experiences stem from collegiate studies at the University of Texas in Austin with Ravi Shankar's disciple Stephen Slawek in 1991 to 1993; more recently at San Francisco State University in conjunction with the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California, and also engaging in the fertile avant garde jazz scene in the Bay Area.

Thus, my arrangements and presentation of musical selections are based predominately by playing on saxophones, with accompaniments from tabla, pakawaj, harmonium, accordion and tanbura, as well as participation from various stringed instruments such as sitar, sarode, oud, saz, guitar, banjo, dulcimers et alia.

This page provides a small window into my music, and you will find future projects at this page.

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